Enchanted Garden II Slots

If you're looking for a dazzling adventure in a fantastic forest filled with magical elements, then Enchanted Garden 2 Slots will be right up your alley of investigation. All of the characters are mystically inclined, and the 5 reels and 25 pay ways offer you a lot of options when it comes to wagering with the given coin denominations. All lines do not need to be active, which gives you even more arrange in this game since you can vary them at your whim. Both the audio and visual effects are simply out of this world, and you can tell that Real Time Gaming put their best artists on this job to craft this lofty 3D Slot. You will see winged fairies flitting about screen with magic wand blessing the trees and flowers – just like you sign the first version, Enchanted Garden. The gameplay is twice is good here, and you can win multipliers with each prize if you get lucky enough. The five extra reels advantage gives the game a much-improved range, which can be seen the minute you start to play and get on a winning streak. Let’s check out what the bonus icons have to offer you, and then shortly after that we will see the symbol combination payouts that keep gamers coming back for more.

Enchanted Garden II Slots Bonus Features and Bonus Icons

The first of the extra-special bonus features in the game that have the potential to truly enhance your wins is the Enchanted Garden II Slots Free Games Feature. In particular, if you land this you are rewarded with the lucky number seven free games; all it takes is for the wild Tinkerbell Princess to land on the fifth reel and the enchanted garden symbol to land on the first reel. As this feature progresses, many of the symbols that show up will have a shimmering firefly icon flit in about in the background scenery; if you get lucky enough to have at least three such shimmering fireflies to appear as symbols, then the Free Games Feature will reward you with a maximum of three free games in addition to the ones you already have. Furthermore, all cash and prizes are tripled if there one during the commencement of a free game. Unlike other Real Time Gaming pokies, the prizes in this one cannot be re-triggered if they occur during the free games round.

Enchanted Garden II Slots has the much sought-after Progressive Jackpot, which is eligible to appear in the garnered at the end of any game. As it is a random progressive, you can surmise the rest-that it appears randomly! Once it is triggered, Enchanted Garden II Slots progressive jackpot can be one in conjunction with other symbol combination payout wins in the game; basically, it is additive. Keep in mind that because of the Return to Player value, whenever you win with a random jackpot will not amount to more than approximately 1.5% of the total. Before we leave this subsection, it behooves you to understand how the substitute Tinkerbell Princess symbol works when it goes wild on the reels. First and foremost, it only shows up on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels and can substitute for any other non-scatter icon in this Pokey. When the wild Tinkerbell Princess appears in the form of a magical fairy, whatever prize you win in the symbol combination payout table is doubled in value; the only caveat is that the fairy princess must make the substitution to help complete a winning combination.

In case your playing style is to sit back and relax while watching the wins (and losses, since this is of course a game of chance) pileup, you can employ the Auto Play function in the game by simply dialing in your wishes within the parameters listed. Just use the Options menu and click the big bright red Auto Play button in order to commence. You can press the Stop Auto Play button adjacent at any time in order to bring this automatic feature to a halt and continue playing. The scatter symbol is represented with the Enchanted Regarding, and it can pay you no matter if it shows up in the left to right direction, or the right to left direction. The other symbols – including the wild Tinkerbell Princess symbol – only pay singly in the left to right direction. Additionally, the scattered Enchanted Garden wins enjoy being multiplied by your total wager, and line wins can only be multiplied by the wager per pay line. The most you can win per spin in the paid money version of the download side is 50,000 times your wager per line.

Now we illuminate the Fairy Queen Bonus Feature in Enchanted Garden II Slots – which is the second incarnation of the initial very successful epilogue Pokey. In this feature, you are rewarded with 10 free games as well as a bevy of extra Tinkerbell Wild symbols on the second reel, the third reel, the fourth reel and the fifth and final real. You also find some Garden Gnomes with fierce magical power wearing a Santa Claus hat. The Tinkerbell fairy Princess symbol, as well as the Guarding Known have fireflies in the background to denote the fact that they are free games features. If you managed to land three or more of the firefly icons anywhere on the game board, then they can reward you with an extra three games. All cash and prizes are multiplied by a factor of three during the free games feature.

Here They Are: Enchanted Garden Slots II Icon Payouts

Out of all the character symbols on the reels, the one with the greatest value is the surprised Garden Gnome's; if you land five of a kind of the surprised Garden Gnome on the reels, then you win 2500 enchanted coins – which can translate to real money value if you downloaded the casino software before you began to play. Otherwise, these enchanted coins simply say on the game board as virtual money if you're playing for free in your Flash browser. If the substitute Tinkerbell symbol makes a replacement, then you win 5000 enchanted coins for five of a kind. For four of a kind of the surprised Garden Gnome symbol you win 500 enchanted coins, which become 1000 enchanted coins if the wild Tinkerbell comes into play. If you land three of a kind of the surprised Garden Gnome symbol you win 100 enchanted coins, which again are doubled in value to 200 coins with the substitute Tinkerbell icon. Lastly, to Garden Gnomes pays you five enchanted coins, which again jumps up to 10 enchanted coins with the substitute symbol.

There is yet another very high-paying symbol on the reels, and it is the Magic Emerald Lily Gold Ring; if you land five of a kind of the Magic Emerald Lily Gold Ring icon, then you win a whopping 1000 enchanted coins; which becomes 2000 enchanted coins if the lovely, blond Tinkerbell fairy substitute symbol makes a replacement. If you land for of a kind of the Magic Emerald Lily Gold Ring icon then your prize becomes 125 enchanted coins – this becomes 250 enchanted coins with the wild symbol substitute making an appearance on either the first or the fifth reels. Landing three of a kind of the Magic Emerald Lily Gold Ring symbol is still worth an impressive 75 enchanted coins, which becomes, again, 150 enchanted coins if the blond fairy descends. The appearance of two Magic Emerald Lily Gold Ring symbol simultaneously results in a three enchanted coin payout; this is doubled to six such coins with the appearance of the substituting fairy. The final duo of symbols is the Bouquet of Enchanted Flowers and the Concentrating Toad. If you land five of a kind of either one of the symbols, then the icon payouts that result total up to 300 enchanted coins; these coins are doubled to 600 enchanted coins if the blond-haired Tinkerbell substitute symbol makes an appearance. If you land four of a kind of the Bouquet of Enchanted Flowers or the Concentrating Toad symbol, then you win 75 enchanted coins; this ratchets up to 150 enchanted coins with Tinkerbell. For three of a kind of the aforementioned symbols your prize becomes 15 enchanted coins; which increases to 30 enchanted coins with the blond haired substitute icon. If you land two of either the Concentrating Toad or two of the Bouquet of Enchanted magical Flowers you win two enchanted coins, which enjoys an increase to four enchanted coins with the wild symbol.

Now that the character symbols are concluded in terms of symbol combination payouts, we move onto the poker card jackets and what they can release into your bank account if you line them up and win. The first of these is the Lily flower covered Ace as well as the Lilac flower covered King; five of a kind of either of these enchanted poker card suits get you 250 enchanted coins; the wild symbol can also make an appearance the double this value to 500 such coins. For four of a kind of the lily flower covered A symbol or the Lilac flower covered King, your prize is 25 enchanted coins; the substitute Tinkerbell symbol can get this payout of 250 enchanted coins. Three of a kind of the Ace or the King is worth 10 enchanted coins; or, of course, 20 enchanted coins with a substitution by the wild icon. Next in line is the hyacinth covered Queen jacket and the Hibiscus Joker; five of a kind of each is worth 150 enchanted coins, or 300 such coins with the wild blond fairy Tinkerbell. For four of a kind of the Hibiscus covered Joker suit or the hyacinth covered Coin jacket you win 20 enchanted coins, which becomes 40 enchanted coins with the substitute Tinkerbell symbol. Lastly, you can win five enchanted coins with three of a kind of either the hyacinth covered Coins suit or the Hibiscus covered Joker; this enjoys a doubling with the wild symbol. The final set of symbols in Enchanted Garden II Slots is the Canterbury Bell flower 10 and the Daisy Levine flower 9; five of a kind of this is worth 100 enchanted gold coins, whereas with the inclusion of the substitute Tinkerbell symbol, this jumps up to 200 enchanted coins. For four of a kind of the Canterbury Bell flower 10 or the Daisy Levine flower 9, your prize is 15 enchanted coins, which goes up to 30 enchanted coins with the substitute symbol replacing one of them. The last payout for three of a kind of the 9 or the 10 is five coins; which becomes 10 coins with the wild.

What's there left to do? Enchanted Garden II Slots is gorgeous to behold, and furthermore even more importantly all but guarantees a tremendous gaming venture. It is even more successful than its prequel, as denoted by the droves of online gamers that flocked to it every month. Real Time Gaming has a real winner on his hands, and you don't want to be the odd man (or woman, for that matter) out when it comes to experiencing the best that the online gaming world has to offer. Download tonight and play this Pokey.