Samba Sunset Slots

Remember that the Olympic Games occur once every four years (not the Winter Games, which happens every two years but isn’t nearly as big of an event), and the mighty country of Brazil hosted them back in 2016. The glorious goings-on back then is what brought the Samba Sunset of Rio to the rest of the world, as Brazil spared no expense to bring an Olympic Games that would never be forgotten, infusing it with the unmistakable elements of their hallowed culture. Real Time Gaming introduced Samba Sunset Slots not long after the Games, and it garnered much praise at its inception and reception. The most happening place for the Samba is in the streets of Rio De Janeiro, but now you can play it in the privacy of your own home or office if you please – no residency in South America is necessary. As central to Brazilian culture as the samba is, it would be criminal to ignore the fundamentally African roots of this enigmatic and wondrous dancing style. Real Time Gaming must have some African Israelite experts working form them to have nailed down this slot so well, and captured the essence of the many street festivals that influence the evolving art form of samba and meringue. Samba Sunset slot is more than just a game, as it is also a nonpareil expression of art that no other casino gaming studio to date has managed to successfully imitate (other than RTG). The pokey has a conventional 5 reels attended by a decidedly unconventional 243 paylines (the latter represent the number of different ways there are to win, effectively). It also features multipliers, wild symbols and feature game-opening scatters for your gaming benefit. The theme of this 5 reel, 243 payline pokey is quite obvious, wouldn’t you agree? It is named Samba Sunset Slots, after all, and should verily feature some characters and scenery indicative of the Afro-Brazilian tradition. You can see a virtual rendition of the Rio de Janeiro sunset hanging overhead the dancing festivities, with gorgeous palm trees overshadowing the dancers and revelers on the sidewalk and in the middle of the street. The game board, itself, is translucent so that you can see visions of the samba in the background and in the foreground, without missing out on what your symbol combinations are doing on the reels. One of the best parts of this slot is the background music, which is as lively as any that we have ever heard – whether online or offline; especially for a video slot.

Samba Sunset Slots Gaming Features

This section, especially, is of relevance only to real money players, as it concerns coin denominations and symbol payouts (an introduction to the latter, to be more precise). Should you choose to place wagers, then you should know that the range over which you may do so is between 0.01 game credits and 1.00 game credits, with many incremental boosts in-between. Although the scatter symbol in Samba Sunset is capable of rendering a win as high as 25x by way of a multiplier, the pokey is known to be high-volatility as related by two metrics: the Return to Player (RTP) and the Hit Frequency. This translates, ultimately, to the fact that Samba Sunset Slots tends to deliver many wins on the small-value side over the long-run – but it is still, of course, possible to get a large win early or late. If you can get on a lucky streak and land one of the two substitute symbols in the game on any play, then your winnings have a chance to truly skyrocket; however, the Wild icons can only land on the second and the fourth reels. When they do so, look forwards to the replacement act they perform, sending any but the scatter off to the races and instituting its own designs. The scatter in Samba Sunset manages to ride off into the sunset – but only after it activates the free games round and plies you with numerous bonuses and free opportunities to land a big win.

The Crown of the Rio - A Slot to Be Reckoned With

The atmosphere of Samba Sunset Slots definitely doesn't leave much to be desired. As a progressive, it is worth playing for a lot more than merely the visuals and festivities. The absolutely numerous possibilities when it comes to winning combinations (243, to be exact) is also not the only reason you should play. The three-dimensional animations are simply to die for - especially given the fact that they have the ability to shower the real money player with wins upon wins by the amanuensis of gold coins. Always keep in mind that real money play isn't obligatory with these RTG Slots. A word of advice from a fellow casino gamer: don't get lost in the sauce as the lovely Brazilian Salsa dancers waltz their way across the screen - sure, they are certainly nice to look at, but you are here to play to win and don't want to miss a lucrative symbol combination line-up. Who knows - maybe you can win as convincingly as the participants in the 2016 Rio Olympics, which, after all, were the collective inspiration for this pokey. You will get a lot of help from the Return to Player value and the Hit Frequency, both of which are above-board values that let you know the likelihood of winning, as well as the general vicinity of the prizes you win. Low RTP and medium variance mean that although you win fairly often, the monetary amounts of the prizes are small. Of course, there's always a chance to strike it big if you start with a bank roll commensurate with how long you plan to play.

Samba Symbols: Let’s Break Down the Paytable Values

The symbols breakdown is always the most fun part - particularly, if not exclusively, for you real money players. This is where you get to salivate at just how much moolah you potentially stand to make if you get lucky in this game of chance. Samba Sunset Slots starts things out with the bonus icons, which are well-known in the online casino gaming space to deliver the best results if you line them up according to the paytable requirements. The Samba Sunset Wild icon, for starters, only graces the second and fourth reels (that would be reels 2 and 4) and supplants the rest of the icons in the game - that goes for the scatter icons, as well, in a rare occurrence for video slots. The Samba Sunset Wild doesn't return any payouts by itself, but it does enhance the payouts of other symbols when it completes a winning combination. The scatter icon is a beautiful portrait of the sun and the sea, with a boulder in the middle. We're not sure what this has to do with the Brazilian samba, but we like it nonetheless. All scatter wins have the property of paying both ways, and being multiplied by your total bet (made at the start). That is to say, whatever you wagered, x, is multiplied by the payline number. Here goes: for five of a kind of the Samba Sunset scatter icon you win 100x; for four of a kind of the Samba Sunset scatter symbol you win 5x; for three of a kind of the Samba Sunset scatter symbol your prize is 3x and for two of the Samba Sunset scatter icon your payout prize is 2x.

The major paying symbols are first for obvious reasons, and thus we begin with the The Samba Dancer 1; five of a kind of this extremely attractive, scantily-clad dancer wearing an emerald crown and gold earrings is quite the sight to behold and pays 500 gold coins on the payout lines. For four of a kind of The Samba Dancer 1 symbol you win 200 gold coins, three of a kind of the symbol get you 100 gold coins, and a couple of the Samba Dancer 1 icon is still worth 20 gold coins in the game. The second valuable icon in the game is The Samba Dancer 2, which is yet another lovely lass dancing her way to her next millionaire on the streets of Brazil. Five of a kind of Samba Dancer 2 is worth 500 gold coins, whereas for four of a kind of The Samba Dancer 2 symbol the payout drops down to 75 gold coins, three of a kind of Samba Dancer 2 pays you 40 gold coins, and two Samba Dancer 2 icons are worth a handful of gold coins.

Occupying the center row of symbols that pay handsomely, we start with the Samba Macarena musical instrument symbols; five of a kind of which pays you 400 gold coins. If instead you land four of a kind of the Samba Macarena musical instruments you win 50 gold coins, whereas for three of a kind of the Samba Macarena musical instrument icons you win 25 gold coins for the final payout for this number as pertains to this particular set of symbols. Next up is the Purple Drum Set symbol; five of a kind of which is worth 250 gold coins; for four of a kind of the Purple Drum Set symbol you win 40 gold coins, and lastly for three of a kind of the Purple Drum Set banging all down the boulevards and highways of Rio the Janeiro during Brazil's annual Samba Salsa, your prize is 20 gold coins.

For purposes of completion, we now refer to the last row of the symbol combination payout pay table. This begins with both the Ace and the King symbols from the table game poker, and five of a kind of either is worth 200 gold game credits in Samba Sunset Slots. Landing five of a kind of the King or the Ace pays you 200 gold game credits; for four of a kind you win 30 gold game credits, and three of the Ace or three of the King pays you 15 gold game credits. Next we have the Queen and the Joker symbols; five of a kind pays 125 gold game credits; for four of either the Joker or the Queen symbol you win 25 gold game credits, and three of a kind pays you five gold game credits in the game. In conclusion, there's the 10 and the 9 multicolored poker card symbols; five of a kind pays 100 gold game credits; for four of a kind you win 25 gold game credits, and three of the 9 or three of the 10 symbols pays you five gold game credits.