Scuba Fishing Slots

Scuba Fishing slots is unique in that there are 27 paylines on the 3 reels. This underwater themed slot game starts at 20 cents and goes up to $5. You can play without having to risk a lot, which makes it a great option for those days where you want to really limit how much you spend on slots.

This is a very simple game to play. The goal is to get three matching symbols on a payline. The shark helps out as it's a wild symbol. The shark also triggers the bonus feature. More on that later.

As you play, you'll listen to soft music and bubbling water in the background. The underwater setting has plenty of fish swimming around. Plus, there's the scuba diver and shark that move around.

What Are the Normal Payouts?

The payouts in this slot game start with the anemone and seaweed that pay 8x. The starfish and scallop shell pay 12x. Next are the green or red fishes at 20x. The blowfish pays 30x. This leaves the tuna at 80x and the marlin at 200x.

It's possible to win up to 540x on one spin. If you've set the coin value to $1, that's $540 cash! Play Scuba Fishing online for fun or play online for real money. The game is also available in mobile casinos.

Triggering the Respin Bonus Round

Get the wild shark on the center reel and win a respin with that wild frozen in place. It's really easy to win a lot of cash thanks to this bonus feature.

When getting started, you can control the game speed (1x or 2x) and whether you want sound or not. You automatically wager on all 27 paylines. Once you've selected your wager, you can spin or turn on autoplay and let the computer handle spinning the reels. Play Scuba Fishing slots now and keep your eye out for that very rewarding wild shark.